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Poshtel In Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Let us take you to a different kind of hostel, back to a time where you didn’t take yourself seriously and friendships were formed organically.

Let’s be silly. Let’s engage in activities, that bring down our walls, bring ourselves closer to one another.

When you arrive at our hostel, we ask you to leave all your preconceptions at the door. To become a kid again. To allow yourself the freedom of who you are. To be perfectly childish.

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Pool and Sun Deck

Right in the middle of our property, we’ve got our pool and sun deck. We’ve got hammocks, chaise lounges and plenty of other space to chill out.

Retreats and Private Rentals

Bonita Escondida offers a unique combination of private rooms and community style living.  All under the umbrella of clean, simple and luxurious facilities.  with just under 20,000 square feet of space, most of it outdoors, we are equipped to handle all types of retreats and events.  Our ocean facing rooftop is perfect for weddings, but can also be used for things like yoga practice with enough space to easily accommodate a class of 40 people.  We have a fully functioning kitchen with 10 oven burners with the ability to cook for large groups at once plus a two story bar and terrace.  Couple all those things with our massive grass garden and “cool” pool and you have the ideal place to host your next event

Options: We can either keep our full staff on premise to take care of all your needs or you can simply rent the space and we’ll get out of your way.  It’s all possible at Bonita Escondida

Having Fun

Free Stuff

We love free stuff. So we made sure you get enough of it!

Free water! Free coffee! Free tea! Free wifi! Free breakfast! Free sun! Free shade if you’ve had enough free sun! Free Nelson Mandela! Free towels! Free surfboards to rent! Free tours to buy! Free A/C! Free hugs, sorry we charge for kisses! Free advice! Free ride, when you’ve already paid!

We’ve got a whole lot more free stuff, but we know we had you at free!

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